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Don’t miss out on the joy of diving in a Cup of Tea

Be it work from home or work from the office or any sort of a routine that needs your energy. All that you need at the end of the day is to be at the place where you feel love and get its warmth.

No, you don’t need to spend much on this little cherishment. Also, your relationship status doesn’t matter here to feel the love and the warmth.

Getting stuck at home with the 9.00 to 5.00 job that’s exceeding for an extra couple of hours might feel so mundane. So, heading out a few steps to that soul calming place that gives you the calm state under its roof is the feel you crave for.

Along with that environment that paints you with the vibe of calmness, there comes the freshly brewed hot tea. Let this tea slide in through your lips with warmth and your closed eyes smiling when your taste buds thank you for the tea.

Having your evening tea is not just about gulping it in. It’s a moment to hit the pause button to all the tasks and count your gratitude with every sip.

‘Separated by Introvert & Extrovert..but united as BES-TEA

Also, we know that bubbly personality in you. We know how much you miss those colleagues’ days out. So, why not make a call to your work-desk friends to your tea destination and brew your fun while the tea’s steam passes in between you?

‘Keep calm and cherish your evenings with your TEAmm….

But, why Tea?

A well prepared tea shows you the beauty of closed eyes and the peacefulness of long slow breaths.

Having tea is a meditative experience. Wondering how? Here are the steps to enjoy your tea,

  • Go to your favorite tea space, and make yourself comfortable there
  • Let the waiter bring you the tea
  • Gently hold the hot cup of hot team and take it closer to you
  • Let the steam from the cup hit the space between your upper lip and the nose
  • Close the eyes, breathe in the crisp flavor of tea
  • Now enjoy every small sip little by little

But does every tea give you the same vibe?


As like life, tea is all about how you make it.

It takes up a lot of factors into consideration to make the Tea that brings you this joy. Also, it’s not just the Tea, but also the passion of the person who makes and serves you hot.

What do you really need from your Tea stop?

  • Relaxing Ambiance
  • Comfortability
  • Hospitality with which they serve
  • Crisp & Delightful Tea

We juggle with the kettles on to let your lips sink in the smile of serene tea.

Your perfect team time should trigger you to ask ‘InkoTea’(one more tea in ‘Telugu’). Also it should make you feel the flavor and warmth of the moment even after you have completed your cup of tea. That’s when InkoTea comes with hot kettles to let you Have a cup of Positivi-Tea.


InkoTea ( is your happy bundle that serves your hot cup of tea. We work with the desire to give you the best tea experience that lets you say InkoTea. We serve what you need in the way you need.

‘Happiness is dipping biscuits in the tea in the middle of that conversation.’

P.S: If you have a passion for tea, calmness and business check out our franchise page ( to know more!!!

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  1. Aniketh Chinnu

    Nice article on tea. I’m a tea lover, and I felt like this story connects to my feeling towards chai. good writeup for cafe.

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