Inko Tea

Franchise FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions regarding InkoTea Franchise are clear in this page.

We hope every question will be cleared with below faqs. 

You can do it in a simple way. Click on the Franchise option in the Header our webpage ( and you will be directed to the franchise page. Just fill in the required details and submit the form.

  • The Franchisee Investor has to pay min 30% of the Franchise Fee as confirmation. A Letter Of Intent (LOI) will be signed against the amount and a payment confirmation will be given.
  • The balance amount should be paid within 15 days (OR) before the outlet inauguration day.
  • The final agreement will be signed after receiving the Full (agreed) payment.
  • NEFT/RTGS and Cash Deposits on Company Account Only.
  • The Franchisee investor has to inform the outlet opening date in advance (atleast 10 days before), so that brand will keep ready the initial startup kit items and trainer.
  • Raw Material as per the Menu (like Tea Powder, Masala items, Syrups etc)
  • Kitchen Items (From Spoon to Electric Appliances)
  • Chairs / Stools
  • Branding Items (for std 150 sft size) includes Name Light Boards, Menu boards, Stickers, T Shirts/Approns etc
  • InkoTea Brand Goodwill Fee
  • Training (2-3 days)
  • Sales Support
  • Social media Marketing (Google, Facebook & Instagram) activities
  • NO GST
  • Transportation charges are extra (if its out of Hyderabad city)

As introductory offer, currently, we are not charging any Royalty from the Franchisee investors. This offer is applicable for initial 3 months as the franchisee has to do better business. After 6 months,   a minimum of Rs. 1000/- will be charged per month irrespective of outlet sale. This amount will be utilized for Supply chain management, Support and Maintenance only.

No, Its Franchisee responsibility to hire the employees. You need a minimum of 2 employees initially to operate this outlet. They no need to experts. We provide proper training to them and make them masters. We can also help you out in finding employees.

InkoTea never allows the Franchisee outlet use any extra Tea flavors since we are providing quality items. Whereas, few selected cool drinks can be added by taking prior written approval from the brand.

Renewal should be done for every 3 years and at the end of the 3rd year, you can renew the agreement by paying 10% of the agreed franchise fee.

Our team will survey the location to know if the place is suitable or not. Then the location will be allocated to you after completing the Franchise acquiring process.

Yes, we are delighted to offer another franchise, if you have the interest and idea of having it. As we are seeking to offer the Franchises to the people who can handle multiple outlets effectively.

Depending on the availability of the Franchise in an area, examination of the location, financing, and other necessary inquiries. It may take between 15 days to 1 month  to open a Franchise.

InkoTea Franchise doesn’t provide any assistance in obtaining the finance.

No. It is strictly not allowed by the Franchise, it is liable to even cancel franchise terms. The franchisee must sell all the items using InkoTea Brand glasses only. Incase of emergency, the have to take prior approval from management.

You need to get in touch with your direct point of contact to discuss on this Exit Process.

The opening hours of the InkoTea franchise are 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM on 365 days subject to legal conditions.

To start a new InkoTea Franchise, the fee is  INR 2.5 lakhs (for Cafe Model), INR 1.8 Lakhs (for Kiosk Model-covers Hot Beverages only) and INR 3.5 Lakhs (for Premium model)

The franchisee (investor) is responsible for the interior (Partition/ Counter Table/ Painting/Electrical fittings/False ceiling etc)  / exterior work, and furniture etc. (The approximate cost can be anywhere between Rs. 50,000/- to Rs.80,000/-) , Shop security deposit (if it is a rented shop) will also be extra.

No, the Franchise Fee includes Brand Fee also. So, NO other hidden charges.

No, We provide the Trainer for Free of cost who can train you for 2-3 days at your location but you have to provide the travel and accommodation to the trainer if its out of the Hyderabad. If the Franchisee owner, still wants to extend the training period then Rs. 1000/- per day will be charged.

You can also send your employee to our main branch for 1-2 days for free training.

InkoTea will supply a few snacks like Biscuits etc. but the franchisee can keep the locally available snack items at the outlet by taking proper approval from the brand since the quality of the snacks should not be compromised and the brand name shouldn’t affected.

You can get the details of the existing InkoTea franchise on our website. You have to just the Franchise option and existing Franchises.

It depends on several factors, including the employees, Operating expenses, and mainly on the ability of the person to run the business effectively.

After you have filled details in the form, Our team will survey the location and let you know about the availability of the outlet in your area through Email or Call.

Yes, you may spend time at a company outlet or existing store with permission from the operator. Also, ensure that your presence should cause any problem to the operator and the Franchise.

InkoTea Franchise offers discounts on franchise fee OR waive off the royalty for few months to help the business get off the ground.

InkoTea provides the contact information for both current and past franchisees.

You can get an honest perspective about the pros and cons of the business, review of the franchisor, how to run the business and much more.

No, The franchise fee is not refundable. However the Complete Equipment (Movable & Immovable items) provided to the franchise by the brand is totally owned by Franchise partner.