Inko Tea

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We Choose & Use Premium Over Regular!
Every Cup Makes You Refresh & Recharge.
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What do you call a cow during an earthquake?


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Say NO to Oily Snacks!
We serve you the snacks which are prepared with air fryers.

Low Calories | Low Fat | No Oily Food

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People's Most Loved!

Inko Tea

We serve locally crafted beverages and food

In this ever-emerging and never constant world, a day won't pass without handling a headache. It is common to depend on beverages and snacks for a little refreshment but there is a catch! Lot of people don't mind about health in the name of unwinding from work stress but don't worry, we got you covered! We never compromise on your health and always serve food that fits your mood in a healthy way!

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Monday - Sunday | 7AM - 10PM


Our Menu

Premium Quality, Tasty Snacks & Beverages

Let's get dive into our deepest feeling... that's our menu.

Good Tea | Good Mood | Great Day

Come and Join Hands in Helping People Refresh!

Partner with Us in serving a Refreshing Experience!

Want to set up a business in the food industry and not sure where to begin? Serving beverages with snacks is the simplest way of starting a business and INKO TEA is the fastest growing beverage network in our state. Join with us in this refreshing journey of growth and development!